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♥ bella in wonderland
30 March 2009 @ 07:05 pm
Bard College: Wait-listed.
Whitman College: Accepted.
Williams College: Accepted, full scholarship.
Vassar College: Wait-listed.
Yale Univesity: Unknown. Probably denied.

And that, folks, is where it's at.
♥ bella in wonderland
20 February 2009 @ 07:32 pm
Horatio*, I have a big huge fluffy Easter bunny of a crush on you, and it's only gotten worse since Works of Shakespeare ended, but I think you are smart and nice and you're even super cute! And in my social sphere! And you have amazing abs from paddling! I have seen the picture on you Facebook, and I can't deny it, you look good. Like, really good. Did you always have that under you uniform polo shirt? Because I am not one of those girls who obsesses over guys' bodies or even really cares, but can I just say, guh.

And it would be so awesome if we went to prom together. I think we'd have a lot of fun. But I hardly know you. So... I'll probably take my cousin again. Which will be great, because if anyone was in doubt about how unfortunate I am, they'll be like, "Hey, she brought her cousin again, she must be a complete loser," and that'll be good, because of course the last thing I'd want is for my social status to be ambiguous.

I have a sense of humor; you can tell that from my above comments. That is one thing about me - I like funny things. Do you like funny things? We could be funny together! Except I can be really goofy and geeky and other unattractive words that start with g and end with y, and you might just think I'm lame. Which would be okay, because lots of people think that about me, I think. But if you thought that, we probably wouldn't go to prom together, and then I'd just be even more goofy and geeky and other unattractive words that start with g and end with y, and I'd also be embarassed and disappointed and embarassed, but I already said that, but I would be, really a lot.

And you see, the thing is is that I've had other big huge crushes, but they were monstrous and hairy and I couldn't even open my mouth. But even though I'm sort of shy around you and don't know you that well and wouldn't really know what to say to you at first, you don't scare me. Which is, let me say, a significant improvement from all the other stupid boys I've liked. And the thing is, I just think you're really cute and I think I'm pretty cute, and if we got together, we could be really pretty cute together.

So anyway, in conclusion, I'd really like to go to the movies with you, and then we could go get ice cream, and then we could ride our bikes to the beach, and it would be really great, and when I think about you, I get really, really happy, and that's what I like about you, is you're great and you make me happy.

The End!

*name changed to preserve my sanity
♥ bella in wonderland
14 February 2009 @ 10:54 am

♥ bella in wonderland
26 January 2009 @ 01:14 pm
lol imagism whut?
♥ bella in wonderland
Why are the taquitos from 7-11 more tasty than the ones from my neighborhood Mexican restaurant?

I made a podcast today for Fiction Writing. I am so reluctant to learn technology for school projects. I am like, no way no how am I making an iMovie. I've gotten through thirteen years at this school without learning and I'm not going to give that up now that I'm a senior. I will not cave! Also Wikipedia. What's the point of my making a Wikipedia on T. S. Eliot? FYI, there already is a Wiki page on him. And I got all my information from it for that paper (although it says I got it from bibliographies and magazine critiques and stuff).

I'm kind of sad about my RP because I guess our Mad Hatter left. Which is so junk! I didn't even get to play with him! And he was crazy and fantastic and the player had actually read the books, which is so rare in folklore games, you don't even know. So anyway, I'm a little bummed now. Alice needs a Hatter to antagonize and get into trouble with. Boo.
♥ bella in wonderland
18 January 2009 @ 10:20 am
Havenʻt updated in awhile. Havenʻt felt like I have anything useful/interesting to say. Itʻs been okay.

Iʻm at the coffee shop now. I kind of have a stomach ache. Thatʻs what I get for having a caramel latte, big chewy cookie, and chocolate bar for breakfast. I really should be better about that. :P Why isnʻt this shop attached to like, the Thai restaurant instead of a gas station? Gas station food is bad news!

OH, OH. I APPLIED TO COLLEGE. dood. It was both hellish and amazing. Mostly hellish, though. I applied to Bard, Vassar, Williams, Whitman, Tulane (last-minute whim) and Yale. WORD.

Anyways, hi. Iʻm backish. How have you all been? How were the holidays? Miri and Ashley, thanks for the Christmas card! It was so cute. :) I totally didnʻt know who it was from at first because I donʻt call you Annakee. And then I saw it was from Charleston, and I was like, "WAIT." :D So thanks for remembering me. It was nice.

ALSO. OBAMAʻS GOING TO BE PRESIDENT. How amazing is that? I AM SO EXCITED. *explodes*

ALSO. I am sad about David Tennant. And who is this scrawny new kid, anyways? :/ I was watching Chris Eccleston the other day and it made me all nostalgic for Rose tiems. (Sidebar: He is totes my Doctor. Like, I love Tennant way more. But as far as Doctors go, Nine is it.)

Iʻm still kind of not myself. I think Iʻve been reading too much. I feel most normal when Iʻm here, at the shop. People like me here! Itʻs cool.

No school tomorrow. Thank you, Mr. King. I have a hard time calling it Martin Luther King day because when I hear Martin Luther, I mostly think about Eddie Izzard going, "Ein minuten bitter."  And that is not so much conducive to respecting civil rights.

♥ bella in wonderland
28 October 2008 @ 11:20 pm
omgz House.


This is not even a House/Cam thing. This is a personal sanity thing. NEH.
♥ bella in wonderland
20 October 2008 @ 05:57 pm
Right now, I am watching a neurosurgeon remove a meningioma in a craniotomy and it is so hardcore. I can see the back of her eyeball! There is a huge hole in her head! I know this is ridiculous, but brain surgery looks easier than it sounds.

OR-Live.com. Watch it. (Not if you're eating dinner, though; I don't want to be responsible if you blow chunks all over your mom's new sofa)
♥ bella in wonderland
23 September 2008 @ 06:18 pm
Going to Massachusetts tommorow to visit Williams College. I have come to the realization that I LOVE AIRPORTS. I do. I hate being cooped up on the plane, but I adore airports. I think it's because they make me feel capable.

SNAP! It's Tuesday! House tonigiht! Gosh, I'm glad TV's coming back. :)

In other news, I've decided I need to just break down and learn how to use Facebook, because I am getting to that age. But it is CONFUSING, OKAY. Like, seriously. Who needs all that miscellaneous rubbish? I prefer Myspace, only because it is so much simpler.

I needs be packin' soon.

Will someone please do me a solid and buy me a ticket to London and one to see David as Hamlet? Because now that I've read the play, I'm dying at not being able to see him in it. They do the entire show in tuxes and gowns. How aweso
♥ bella in wonderland
17 September 2008 @ 07:54 pm

Oh, Billie, I adore you. Re: her new pregnancy boobs:

"It's nice having boobs," she told The Sun. "I think when you don't have them you find ways to make yourself feel better about the lack of cleavage.

"Then they're there and you're like, 'How am I ever going to live without these?'.

"That's my next problem. You love them so much and you really want to get them out a lot and just expose yourself to anyone who wants to see them."

She continued: "I'm really enjoying them, although it's kind of the most inappropriate time to get your t*ts out.

"Should you go around showing what you've got, or keep it under wraps because you're about to become a mum? It's a dilemma - but I just tend to get them out."

House was last night but I didn't watch it, because A) the counter on the website was off by an hour and totally threw me and also B) my people were arguing in the living room about spelling homework or something. Sidebar: Why is Olivia Wilde a PB in every roleplay game in existence? I do not want to see her pinchy face. I am willing to endure it in House because I get to see my other lovelies, but I automatically dislike any character who is played by her. I have been scanning Inksome and Insane Journal and she is everywhere. Anyway, I downloaded it just now. Can I just say that the official Time Warner Cable episode summary starting with "Wilson is still depressed about his dead girlfriend" made me DIE last night when I read it, even though I was mad because I had aparently missed it?

Also, I must confess that I have been watching Gossip Girl (it started out of curiosity; I read this article about how even guys think it's awesome and so I needed to do research, obviously) and am actually liking it. I do not have room for any more fandoms in my life.